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Agricultural practices are the way we decide to farm our lands. In the past 60 years, the dominant agricultural practices belonged to the industrial agricultural paradigm derived from the so called green revolution. Those practices considered the fields as a factory of food and treated them consequently: fueling it with energy, seeking uniformity, minimizing interferences, destroying byproducts. We saw where these practices took us. But they weren’t the only one!

Agricultural practices that are more environmentally friendly and responsible not only are possible but existed for thousands of year and never stopped to develop. They’ve always been there but they were marginalized by the green revolution, branded as “old”.

Today we are looking at practices like agroecology, permaculture, organic farming, intercropping and biodynamic to be able to feed the future generations. These ways of farming are often founded on a conception of the agricultural land as a system and consider all the different organisms that populates it as functional to the production of food. Pollinators in the air, bacteria in the roots, microbiota in the roil as well as birds, livestocks and (why not) human beings are coworkers with the same goal: get better food.

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