Agriculture is a huge contributor to water and air pollution around the world. Expansion of food production in ways that are disharmonious with the surround land and wildlife lead to problems such as deforestation, contamination of drinking water, and decimation of key pollinating species. Most of agribusiness seeks to maximize food output and profit without accounting for the negative externalities on the health of humans and the environment.

Some farmers, and the policies that govern them, seek to make progress and use regenerative, organic, or otherwise sustainable farming practices. They seek to produce a healthy, diverse food supply that doesn’t impair the surrounding natural resources. Driven by factors including consumer demand, market consolidation, and government subsidies, farmers are having a more difficult time than ever making a profit in their industry. But consumers and experts in agriculture across the world are increasingly making the connection between agriculture and a healthy food supply and making improvements in production and education that seek to address both problems.

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