No longer are meat substitutes necessarily meat-free. Many of the plant-based protein analogs are stand-ins for meat because they have the look feel and taste of meat, in some way. Many have flavoring, fat, coloring or seasoning to make them meat-like while some companies make proteins that don’t resemble meat at all. Traditional protein analogues are tofu, tempeh and seitan. Some protein analogs might contain animal products, such as beef blended with mushrooms, or veggie burgers that contain dairy and/or eggs.

The new breed of cultured, cell-based or lab-grown meat is manufactured from animal cells in the laboratory, involves technology, and does not harm or kill animals. These types of products get support from a wide range of people for a host of reasons which
include moving away from animal agriculture and positive environmental impact. Whether you choose plant replacements or the “new meat”, these products can be part of successful plant-forward eating.

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