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Know Your Cheesemaker

Know Your Cheesemaker

Honoring an American cheesemaker in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When I met Soyoung Scanlan several years ago I was enthralled by her quiet, yet strong presence. Her passion for making amazing cheeses is apparent in every cheese that she produces. They are produced at a beautifully bucolic goat dairy in Sonoma County less than an hour north of San Francisco. I feel that it is true, great milk does comes from happy cows… or goats in this instance. These seem to be some of the happiest goats I have ever seen.

Here in Sonoma County we are fortunate enough to have a cheese trail. There are many passionate producers, just like Soyoung, of wonderful cheeses in the area. I love to get further out into the countryside and visit farms. But the American cheese trail is ever expanding as well. Jeffery Robert’s book “The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese” is a nice resource of artisan producers across the country.

Soyoung’s cheeses can be found at many of the best restaurants in the Bay Area and beyond as well as many local natural food stores. I admire her because she works with people whom she respects and who respect her as well, and she has earned such respect. For me, what adds to my enjoyment of these cheeses is my friendship with Soyoung. There is something deeply enriching about knowing who produces the food that you eat, or the wine or beer that you drink for that matter.

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