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Blog Challenge:

Eat Organic for $6 a Day!


October 1, 2015


December 31, 2015

What you have to do

We've all heard the myth, organic is unaffordable. But it's possible to eat a well balanced diet under $6.00/day. It just takes some commitment, and maybe some menu planning!
Give it a try, eat organic for $6/day for 1 week. Share your experience in a blog post, below. Please include: a brief description of your daily meals for 7 days, a description of any roadblocks you experienced, and what you learned from the challenge.
TIP: Produce that is in season is often the most affordable, and delicious!

Why is it important

Many feel organic food isn't within reach for their pocket book, but what if we could show them that they can buy food on the cheap, and still choose organic? Eating organic isn't only beneficial to your health by eliminating chemicals from your diet, but it is also better for the people farming and harvesting your food, not to mention for the planet.


The winner of this blog challenge will win $25 to spend at any Whole Foods Market.

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