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Definition of Agroecology

Definition of Agroecology

Agroecology is an agricultural research and practice that applies ecological principles to farms and ranches, regarding them as ecosystems embedded in broader landscapes. Agroecology discovers how ecological processes can be managed to address agricultural challenges and create sustainable, productive, and resilient food systems that reduce harmful impacts on soil, air, water, climate, wildlife, and human health. Hallmarks of agroecological practices include: diversifying farms by increasing the types of crops rotated on fields from year to year; controlling pests and weeds with fewer chemical pesticides; enhancing soil health with cover crops; and valuing non-cropped areas of farms for the services they provide.

While these practices and processes are indeed agroecological, this is quite a narrow and technical definition of the term. Many argue that people need to be included too - that agroecology is, in other words, a people's and bottom up initiative. It thus is a part of sustainable agri-food systems, ones which involve science, farming and social movements, which involves people and place, as well as the kinds of practices and processes in the definition given above.

Oh, a new opportunity to learn from experienced and those Whom share wisdom, Thank You.

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