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The goal of maximum sustainable yield is to collect enough measurable data to guide a bountiful harvest while still ensuring the viability of a species. Maximum sustainable yield is a management strategy. In this way, a window into the lives of a species is created and a greater understanding of how to safeguard a population is realized.

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Maximum Sustainable Yield

Maximum Sustainable Yield

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Measuring the harvest and escapement numbers of specific species assists Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game in their deployment of a viable fishery management strategy. This strategy is one that considers time, area and gear type for catching different fish.

The goal? Provide for optimal harvests while sustaining each salmon species.

Each morning Sockeye and Chinook salmon are sampled in the “trap”. Research includes tracking of returning adult salmon, a DNA analysis in every system in Yakutat, and age, sex and length sampling.

MSY (maximum sustainable yield) is a viable management strategy for salmon because we understand large parts of the fresh water life cycle, control to some extent escapement onto spawning grounds, and manage time and gear to attain escapement goals necessary to perpetuate the species while allowing its optimal harvest. Yakutat Fisherman rely on daily escapement information from the weir.

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