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Iowa Code Chapter 455b protects water quality and focuses heavily on setting water quality standards and designated uses and expectations for water. Volunteers help raise awareness and regulate the issues surrounding water and nitrate levels, laid out by the Iowa Code.

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Iowa Code Chapter 455b

Iowa Code Chapter 455b

Photo by Derek, Lena and Mike

Iowa Code Chapter 455b

Location: Ames High School, Ames, IA
Featuring: Erv Klaas, Professor Emeritus of Animal Ecology, Iowa State University

Everybody should have the right to clean drinking water.

“I believe citizens have responsibilities to their waterways. We, as citizens, ought to support regulations that make sure our water is clean. We need to establish criteria. Right now, we have only one criteria, and that’s just for nitrate levels in drinking water. There’s no rule for phosphorus, there’s no rule for bacteria except on swimming beaches.”

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