Local restaurants save food scraps for their local produce supplier which is then turned into compost to be used for the next seasons harvest.

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Compost Circuit

Compost Circuit

Douglas Gayeton

Compost Circuit

Location: Alley behind Blackbird Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois 
Featuring: Jeremy Jackson, of Growing Power, and Michael Sheerin, the chef

The compost circuit is a farm to table to farm loop. Jeremy rises each morning at 5:30. After driving Growing Power’s staff gardeners to their green projects at Altgeld Gardens and Cabrini Green, he goes on his daily compost circuit, which is composed of nearly a dozen restaurants in the downtown area which buy Growing Power’s produce, then save their kitchen scraps for Jeremy. The compost will break down for nine months, then be added to the soil of a Growing Power garden next spring as the cycle repeats.

Thursday’s Pick Ups from Restaurants in Chicago:
1. Delightful Pastries
2. Field Museum
3. Uncommon Grounds
4. Panozzo’s Farm-to-Table Italian
5. Hoosier Mama
6. Blackbird Restaurant
7. Publican Restaurant
8. Bin Wine
9. Gourmet Guerilla

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