Agricultural Heritage

Agricultural Heritage

Location: Umurima Wi Burundi ("The Farm of Burundi Women"), Decatur, GA
Featuring: Burundi refugee women

The patterns and practices of growing food are constantly adapting to time, place, and local culture, but the ways of growing are informed by heritage. This is agricultural heritage.

These Burundi refugee farmers in Decatur, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta) are maintaining a vital cultural connection to their homeland, providing food security for their families, earning a supplemental income, and sharing their vast farming knowledge with their children and community. Here, they are developing skills to integrate into a new country while preserving their culture.

The success of Umurima Wi Burundi has inspired Susan and Robin to develop Global Growers Network, a program that creates new agricultural opportunities in Georgia for international farmers who were forced to flee their homelands as refugees due to war, genocide, and persecution.

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