Backyard Pollinators

Backyard Pollinators

Douglas Gayeton

Backyard Pollinators

Location: Elliot and Duncan’s Backyard, Seattle, Washington
Featuring: Elliot and Duncan

Backyard Pollinators
Each year the Ballard Bee company gathers over four thousand pounds of locally produced honey from hives placed on rooftops and in backyards (like Elliott’s) throughout the Seattle area.

Elliott loves bees (even after they sting him). He says, “I see a honey bee. The bees live in a hive. I think there are drones in honey combs. I hear bees buzzing.”

Tara and Brian wanted their two young boys to grow up with a deeper connection to the earth and its cycles and to know how to grow their own food. When he was five years old, Elliott spent the summer in his backyard collecting bees in glass jars. He would observe them, compare them, let them go then run to tell his parents what he’d discovered. He really wanted to be a “bee farmer”. His parents thought it was just a passing fancy. It wasn’t. They decided to contact the Ballard Bee Company and paid to have two hives placed in their yard and maintained from March to September. They also get a share of whatever honey the bees produce.

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