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Bean & Grain CSA

Bean & Grain CSA

Douglas Gayeton for Lexicon of Sustainability

Bean & Grain CSA

Location: The Seed Room, Lonesome Whistle Farm, Republic of Eugene, OR

Featuring: Jeff, Kasey and their cat Gracie Mae

(CSA = community supported agriculture)
Local consumers support the production of nutrient-dense staple crops like beans and grains grown on small to medium-sized farms by purchasing shares in a “CSB”. Each monthly share from December to May consists of approximately thirteen pounds of beans, whole grains, freshly milled flour, polenta and popcorn.

Jeff and Kasey believe that small, organic local farming is a tangible, daily direct action that can change the world. “As we relocalize the planet, we must rethink local production and consumption and grow first what our local community has in short supply.”

Growing rare bean and grain varieties preserves, improves and expands a community's seed and food diversity. Jeff and Kasey used to grow fresh vegetables for market, but after tiring of only selling half their harvest and giving away or composting the rest, they gravitated towards storage crops like garlic, potatoes, winter squash, beans and grains which could be sold year round. After they became interested in beans and grains, they discovered the Southern Willamette Valley Bean and Grain Project, which works to re-localize beans and grains across Oregon.

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