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The Bio-Regionalists

The Bio-Regionalists

Location: Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce, Boulder, Colorado
Featuring: Richard Pecoraro and Shanan Olson

Richard and Shanan are seed collectors and bioregionalists. This means they believe that seeds adapt, that plants and animals make decisions based on a region’s living biology. Seeds are selected based on their color, maturation, size, the strength of the greens they produce, as well as their flavor and endurance. They grow and gather in soils with specific under and over stories, defined climates, and pests, which impacts a seed’s regenerative capabilities. By virtue of their address, their seeds are bioregionally adapted to their local environment. In a sense, it is a deep locavorism.

“We recognize that our bio-region, our domestic eco-culture, has a unique set of circumstances defined by climate and soil. Some things flourish here while others are diminished in life force. We seek out seeds that thrive. We love them, live from them, share in their thriving. We also thrive to find things marginal and work to strengthen them with the intentions that there be more biodiversity for us to live from (which runs in opposition to the principles of monoculture).”

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