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Face Certification

Face Certification

Location: Provident Organic Farm, Bivalve, Maryland

Featuring: Farmer Jay Martin

Farmers are willing to share their ideas and insights, but the current processes and standards behind organic certification are now in place primarily to facilitate the growth of organics as an industry. Such certification stifles innovation by the very farmers who initiated the movement.

How did Jay Martin end up with an organic farm that isn’t certified organic? Three reasons: financial, philosophical, and personal. Jay Martin uses Face Certification as his standard. The direct contact between farmers and consumers creates an environment of trust and faith. As Jay Martin says, “People don’t need to read a piece of paper or a certification to judge what produce they’re buying. All they have to do is look me in the eye.” This motto is reflective of the Japanese word teikei. In English, teikei means “food with a farmers face on it.”

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