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Fishing in Season

Fishing in Season

Douglas Gayeton for the Lexicon of Sustainability

Fishing in Season


A year in the marine life of the Salish Sea:
Salmon of various species, each one primarily coming from the tributaries of Frasier River, are in season from the end of July through October. Shellfish, including clams, mussels, and oysters, are available locally most months of the year. Sea cucumbers are available September through May. Spot Prawns are available April and May for harvesting by local Native Indian tribes. “Non-treaty” fisherman are able to fish them late June through August. Dungeness crabs are available to local Native Indian tribes throughout the summer, but “non-treaty” fisherman can only crab October to April. Haro Straight halibut can only be fished by Native Indians March to mid-April.

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