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Food Justice

Food Justice

Food Justice

Location: GRuB (Garden Raised Bounty) in Olympia, WA
Food Justice: Food is a basic right for all people.

GRuB connects those most afflicted by hunger (people of color, low-income and homeless youth, low-income single home families, immigrant families, people with developmental disabilities, etc) to accessible, empowering ways to grow and access good food.

Blue Peetz is one of GRuB’s founders.

What GRuB’s Food Justice Means
1. Job opportunities for kids on organic farms
2. Free gardening, cooking and nutrition workshops
3. Working with families to build gardens in their own backyards
4. Community gardens

GRuB (garden-raised bounty) grows a wide variety of vegetables on their farm for these reasons:
1) Ecologically: it’s healthier for your soil and crops to have a mix of vegetables growing that you can rotate around the farm every year.
2) Accessibility: communities like to grow veggies that are familiar to their youth (basics like carrots, broccoli, snow peas, etc.) and crops that are easy to eat raw (handy for the food bank because many of their clients have no kitchen access.)
3) Variety: their customers love it.

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