Grass Farmer

Grass Farmer

Grass Farmer

Location: Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA

Everything in Joel Salatin’s hand grows plentifully in this field. In fact, he picked this entire bouquet at his feet. Grasses include fall panicum, pigweed, chickory, timothy, fescue, redtop, orchard grass, narrow leaf plantain, wide leaf plantain, and red clover.

Cows are herbivores, and they just love to graze on Joel’s bouquet.  Just like every other grazing herd in the world, these cows are followed through their grazing fields by birds.  They scratch through dung and peck parasites off herbivores.

The birds in Joel’s field are chickens.  These omnivores are a biological pasture sanitizer.  As the electric fence moves down the field, placing the cows on fresh grazing land, the chickens follow behind, preparing the paddock for the next grazing cycle.

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