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Green Collar

Green Collar

Douglas Gayeton

Green Collar

Location: ALBA Organic Farm at Triple M Ranch, Las Lomas, CA
Featuring: Featuring: Maria Bravo, el estudiante, and Jose Nuñez, el maestro

Maria Bravo was an office worker at Birdseye Foods for 20 years before the plant closed in 2003. Maria’s grandfather was a farmer and her father spent part of his life as a sharecropper. After 20 years working in one job, Maria couldn’t imagine herself embarking on a new career but then she heard about ALBA, the Agriculture and Land-based Training Association. They gave her a half acre plot. With help from her father-in-law and daughter (she helped seed), Maria Bravo put her faith in Mother Nature and became a farmer.

ALBA provides land and guidance for aspiring farms and farm workers interested in growing and selling their own organic crops. Farmers are trained in organic farm production, marketing, record-keeping, labor practices, pest management, and other skillsets required for running a small farm business.

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