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Guerrilla Gardener

Guerrilla Gardener

Location: Sunset Boulevard (HWY 101 offramp) Los Angeles, CA

Guerrilla Gardening: The illicit cultivation of someone else’s land
(Johnny Appleseed could be considered one of the first guerrilla gardeners)

The LA Guerrilla Gardeners (LAGG)
They weed, water and propagate over twenty guerrilla gardens throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area, from Santa Maria to Eagle Rock

The LA Guerrilla Gardeners want people to engage their own community with a new sense of pride and ownership. LAGG began in June of 2008 after the response generated from building a garden for the birthday of one of its founding members, Mr. Stamen. His friends and neighbors immediately asked when they would be doing the next one and LAGG was born. They find orphaned land (someplace nearby you can walk to and water each day), pick the right plants (hardy, drought tolerant plants do best), and involve their friends (it’s more fun that way!).

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