Information Artwork: YIMBY

Information Artwork: YIMBY

Location: Roof of Bastille Café, Ballard Neighborhood, Seattle, Washington
Featuring: Colin McCrate

Y.I.M.B.Y. stands for “Yes in My Backyard”. It’s a community-based support of a new concept that improves a community’s overall quality of life and reconnects each individual to their neighbors.

Colin McCrate believes in the principles of hyperlocal food production, which he defines as: “Food grown, processed and consumed at the neighborhood level of community.” Coin says, “almost any city neighborhood can produce vegetables, fruits, small livestock (chickens, goats) and sweeteners (honey) for its residents. Some people want a more nutritious diet.  Others want to save money on grocery bills.  They might be serious cooks who’ve discovered that fresher food tastes better, or concerned mothers suspicious of a food system that recalls large quantities of vegetables each year. Regardless of the original intent, as people begin growing food, they embrace these ideas.”

Colin plants gardens in single family homes, on restaurant rooftops and patios, on Condominium rooftops, and in apartment complex courtyards. He grows things like hakurei furnips, french breakfast radishes, regiment spinach, flat-leaf Italian parsley, surrey arugula, spearmint, deer tongue bibb lettuce, winter density romaine lettuce, Nancy butter head lettuce, and peppergrass.

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