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Point Source Pollution

Point Source Pollution

Location: Under Highway 69, Blairsburg, IA

Featuring: Michael and Swaesy, students, Ames High School & Chad and Mike, teachers, Ames High School

Three teachers at Ames High School spent one year showing students where their water comes from, how it got this way, and what they can do to improve its quality for generations to come.

“The Bluestem Institute at Ames High School invites senior students to explore the role of the individual in society and to develop the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. By examining the personal, social, cultural and scientific implications of our daily choices, we aspire to facilitate a public expression of students’ personal ethics and help them begin to answer the question, ‘How should I live?’” explain the teachers.

At the headwaters of the Iowa River’s South Fork, under highways 69, the students explore point source pollution.

Swaesy: Point source pollution originates from a single distinct source, such as a pipe.”

Michael: It’s the start of the problem, the home ground where everything is accumulating and brought downstream to our already polluted rivers. This issue is not about farmers against environmentalists. Farmers want to help and know they need to act now. By learning more about water, I hope to tell my family back at the farm about the practices we are learning and how they can make sure they are not contributing to the problem.

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