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Project Localize Best New Term: ASH Free

Project Localize Best New Term: ASH Free

2015 Project Localize Best New Lexicon Term Winner

ASH FREE = No Antibiotics. No Steroids. No Hormones.

Student Artwork by Boyle County High School in Kentucky

Location: Marksbury Farm Market, Lancaster, Kentucky
Featuring: Richard, the butcher

What local means to our butcher, Richard: “No Antibiotics. No Steroids. No Hormones. By partnering with local farmers who share our commitment to sustainable humane and natural production methods, we can produce high quality, healthy and fresh products.”

There are so many benefits to eating local meat products that are antibiotic, steroid and hormone free. Richard is committed to providing a safe product that you can feel better serving to your family. This local connection decreases the distance between the producer and the consumer, limiting food miles & keeping money in the local economy. By eating local, consumers also have access to knowing how their food was produced. Know your farmer, know your food.

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