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Project Localize Most Informative Artwork: Four Season Harvest

Project Localize Most Informative Artwork: Four Season Harvest

2015 Project Localize Most Informative Artwork Winner

Four Season Harvest
“Growing crops year-round even in the deepest of winter to provide a local harvest.”

Student Artwork by Ames High School in Iowa

Location: Lee’s Green Farm in Ames, Iowa
Featuring: Farmer Lee Matteson

Lee Matteson had a goal to do what some people didn’t even know had existed, he started the first four season harvest in Iowa, in 2013. He and Rose Schuck what out on their own and bought three acres of land. In which they built their greenhouses. One of their biggest challenges is getting people to use different kinds of vegetable and lettuces. They grow predominantly leaf lettuces and sweet turnips. The sweet turnips are a favorite of Lee’s children. He has to shoo them out of the rows before they eat up his profits.

They use a process called drip irrigation, which allows water to be able to be conserved and nutrients to be delivered to the crops.

“When I was growing up, we grew produce and everything outside. And we did do some tomatoes in the greenhouse, but now, here we are doing greens in the middle of winter which is kinda unheard of,”

“The plastic is there to help protect the crops from the falling condensation that condenses on the roof of the greenhouse. In which falls to the ground splashing soil onto the leaves, dirtying them.”

The greenhouses are heated using propane. With the price of fuel fluctuating, that can affect Lee’s bottom line profit.

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