Project Localize Student Artwork: Local Source to School

Project Localize Student Artwork: Local Source to School

"Five Acre Farms partners with farmers like Jake Samascott to help them access new markets that would be difficult for them to tap on their own. Whenever consumers see the Five Acre Farms label, they know they can trust the quality of the product.

According to the USDA 2.5% of all farms account for 59% of total farm income. Five Acre Farms Links smaller farmers to regional consumers, helps them compete and stimulates the local economy. Five Acre Farms develops, distributes, and markets local products, allowing its farmers to focus on high quality production. The process is transparent and the farmers profit directly from the sales. The company vets its farmers to ensure sustainable farming practices.

New York’s terroir produces crisp, flavorful fruit.
Samascott grows 72 apple varities!
Jake uses integrated pest management (IPM) to support tree health

“We make clean food we want to eat ourselves, so we don't add anything to our cider.”
Ingredient: Apples

UV light eliminates pathogens, but maintains flavor and nutrients.
Samascott bottles its cider on site.

The tag on each product shares the stories of the farmers who produce the food.
Five Acre Farms products are sold within 275 miles of the source"

Location: Five Acre Farms’ partnership with Samascott Orchards, Kinderhook, NY
Featuring: Gemma & Jake, a 4th generation farmer

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