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Raw Milk Goat Cheese

Raw Milk Goat Cheese

Featuring: Check Hellmer, President and General Manager, Jackie Chang, Cheesemaker
Location: Haystack Dairy, Longmont, Colorado

Haystack Dairy has been making goat cheese for 22 years. Cheese made from unpasteurized milk is packed with live enzymes and full of flavor.

Jackie, the cheese maker, starts by transferring milk from the bulk tank to the cheese vat. Then, she stirs and gradually heats the milk for one hour. After checking the milk’s temperature, she adds the cultures and waits for it to reach the proper PH level. That done, she adds rennet mixed with H2O. This coagulates the milk in a matter for minutes. The flocculation time, the time it takes to develop curd, is closely monitored. Once it develops, the curd is cut with a cheese harp. In this final stage all excess moisture is removed, including the whey.

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