Douglas Gayeton/Lexicon of Sustainability


Location: West Georgia Processing, Carrollton, GA

Featuring: Tim Dyer and Olivia Sargeant, West Georgia Processing

Olivia Sargeant and her partner wanted a local slaughterhouse to process meat for their two restaurants and a meat CSA, rather than driving 300 miles a week to the next closest slaughterhouse.

Tim Dyer opened this facility, his childhood dream, so that he could become more involved in his community and help his friends be more sustainable.

Olivia says, “Our food system is sick and our meat is dirty. Part of the remedy is to look inward and reinvent local. Even taking the smallest of steps by relocalizing food sources contributes to changes in the system. We need to collectively create a food system that promotes pride, community, and profitability rather than illness, poverty and degradation. Let’s bring back the guilds, the granges, the purveyors, the merchants and the artisans so we have both craft and community. Let’s renovate these old world terms for new world applications so they become the foundation of a truly functional new food economy.”

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