Riparian Buffer Zone

Riparian Buffer Zone

Location: Boistfort Valley Farm, Curtis, WA

Featuring: Mike, Heidi, and Natalina Peroni, and Ed, their pup.

The Great Flood of 2007 buried Mike and Heidi’s family farm and home under tons of silt. Everything which defined their existence on the material place was gone in a matter of hours. Everything. Gone. With the help of neighbors, the Peronis cleaned their farm of debris and started over. The process of recovery took months. It awakened Mike to the damage caused by generations of poor logging practices which took their toll, ravaging the delicate ecological balance of Boistfort Valley.

The Peronis quickly looked to reinforce their land and return their riverbanks to their natural state. Using a riparian buffer zone, “the Ribbon of Life,” the Peronis were able to control erosion, provide shade and lower stream temperatures, safeguard against flooding, and provide a habitat for indigenous species

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