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Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer

Urban Farmer

Location: Oakland, California
Featuring: Novella Carpenter

Meet an urban farmer.

Novella Carpenter's mission is to grow food for herself, her friends, her neighbors, and the larger community.

“Food in the city is so important, because you are localizing the food in the actual city where people live. 50% of people (on the planet) live in cities in places like my neighborhood. They're enver going to be able to afford local, organic, sustainably raised food. We live in a society where supposedly you can vote with your with your fork, and you can change the system just by buying local food, but the thing is, if you look at our society, that’s great for people who have money…but there are people who don’t have access to ANY food.  You look around here.  It’s a total food desert."

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