Whole Hog

Whole Hog

Douglas Gayeton/Lexicon of Sustainability

Whole Hog

When Chef JC Balek of Palantir Technologies buys a hog he uses the whole animal (it's a question of respect).

"I really care about how an animal is raised. I only buy animals that have one bad day in their lives." - JC Balek

"Many places only serve the cuts they know will sell," JC Says, "and this is the fault of everyone involved. Most consumers still think meat comes in styrofoam containers wrapped in plastic labeled 'guaranteed tender'. They only recognize the primal cuts - strip, ribeye, filet, etc. - but if more chefs bought the entire carcass, they might be able to show consumers that the entire animal is delicious."

Read more about Chef JC on the blog written by Julie Morris of Morris Grassfed Beef at the link below.

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