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Wolves of the Sea: Photographs of the Last Greek Fishermen

Wolves of the Sea: Photographs of the Last Greek Fishermen

Photographer Christian Stemper documents the last remaining Greek fishermen on the island of Paros

Due to the overfished Mediterranean Sea, the traditions of the Greek culture are being threatened. The fishermen who have played a key role in the traditional Greek culture are becoming extinct. The anglers took to the sea on their colorful wooden boats, called kaïkis often named after their mothers and daughters, bringing fish back to the tavernas and markets. Now many fishermen are struggling to bring in catch, and the unprofitable tradition is not being passed on to younger generations. Many of the kaïkis boats are being abandoned, destroyed or turned into tourist attractions. Photographer Christian Stemper captured the work and life of these fishermen — the ‘wolves of the sea’ — in his book Lupimaris, to preserve their stories for future generations.

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