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Biodiversity vs. Monoculture

Biodiversity vs. Monoculture

Location: Knoll Farms, Brentwood, CA

Featuring: Rick Knoll

Rick Knoll grows only organic fruits and vegetables on his farm. In the plot next to his, nothing grows there (unless Rick’s neighbor says so). The conventional farmers next door call Rick’s organic methods “dirty farming” (they’re “clean”). Each winter their fields sit idle for months at a time. Since no cover crop is planted (a process that returns nutrients to the soil and increases soil fertility), the soil remains exposed to the elements. Wind erosion will carry some of this precious topsoil away, and in so doing releases carbon back into the atmosphere.

MONOCULTURE is growing a single crop over a vast amount of land which increases the risk of fungus, disease and specialized predators, which conventional farming combats with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

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