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Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity

Photo by Douglas Gayeton

Carrying Capacity

Location: Canton, North Carolina
Featuring: Sunburst Trout, Lake Logan

Fish farms raise aquatic species in a controlled environment. They require ample access to fresh water and carefully regimented feedings.

Carrying capacity is the maximum amount of fish that can be raised in a given area of water (the raceway) while maintaining a healthy environment for the species. All species are subject to seasonal variability, with less fish in warmer months and more fish in cooler months. Maricultures are still a work in progress. Placing fish in static net pens leads chemicals and excess nutrients from feed and feces to collect on the ocean floor, killing off local fauna. This is in excess of an area’s optimal carrying capacity, creating an incubator for parasites and infectious disease. And with the natural flow of tides and currents in these waters, disease spreads between fish.

Sunburst Trout is a successful fish farm. With ample access to fresh water, carefully regimented feeds and a controlled environment for the aquatic species, the farm mimics and maintains the natural habits of the native American species. Additionally, they selectively breed and maintain low density in the raceway to encourage a healthy population.
Within 30 minutes of harvesting, the fish are quickly cleaned, weighed, and packaged for distribution.

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