Eating in Season

Eating in Season

EATING IN SEASON Wild edibles grow everywhere.  You need to be aware of what’s around you.  When you spend time outside, you see how things change throughout the year.


It has a really great citrus accent, which makes it perfect for salads (add champagne vinaigrette) or with roasted beets. The earthiness of the beets accents the greens very well.

Some of the most prolific wild edibles Iso forages in the city: Radish greens + flowers, fennel, nasturtium, nettles, miners lettuce, mushrooms (porcini, shaggy mane), and snails.

Crossing the Bay in any one direction leads to: seaweed, wild mussels, clams, fennel, mushrooms, nettles, acorns and fruit

ISO RABINS EXPLAINS THAT A FORAGER SEES FOOD EVERYWHERE. It’s at the park where you walk, in the pond you sit next to, in the trees you walk by, even in your backyard (you just don’t know it).  What matters most is being aware. It’s knowing how to discover your own foraging spots (because Iso won't share his), and besides, half the fun of foraging is the search.  Iso’s favorite is a rarely used city park. Most people have never heard of, even though it’s in the heart of the city.

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