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Pie = Community

Pie = Community

Photo by Douglas Gayeton

Pie = Community

Location: Greensboro, Alabama
Featuring: Pie Lab

Pie is easy to linger over, and conversations happen when people linger. Pie, therefore, begets community. It promotes ideas to form through conversation. When conversation meets design, social change occurs.

Pie Lab was founded in 2008 as a pop-up café, design studio, and civic clubhouse with a single purpose: to bring life back onto Greensboro, Alabama’s main street by serving pie. It is a partnership between “Hale Empowerment & Revitalization Organization” (HERO) and a design collective known as Project M.

I’m a big fan of James Howard Kunstler’s “Geography of Nowhere,” so I ask Miss Deborah how Pie Lab can help bring life back to the main streets of our small towns and she says, “The other day I met an older man at Pie Lab who had grown up here in Greensboro and moved away when he graduated high school. He told me stories of how alive Main Street was when he was growing up, all about the movie theatre, the stores and the pool hall he and his buddies would hang out in. His description was one of an exciting place to be. Then he looked around Pie Lab, at the new businesses on the street,  and said, ‘Its finally coming back to life.'”

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