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10 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Use Locally Sourced Food

10 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Should Use Locally Sourced Food

“Buying local” is a major trend of the moment. But it’s more than just a fad. For businesses like local restaurants, using locally sourced food can be a major selling point and benefit. Here are ten reasons why your restaurant should consider using locally sourced food.

Locally Sourced Food is Fresher
According to the average distance that fruits and vegetables in the U.S. travel before reaching their final destination is about 1,500 miles. So when you buy items from large distributors, you’re probably getting something that was grown, picked and preserved to make that journey. But if you buy locally, you can get items that were just picked, so they’re much fresher and more appealing to customers.

Locally Sourced Food is Environmentally Friendly
Because local food doesn’t have to go through all of that travel or need all those preservatives, it’s often much better for the environment. This can help you lower your business’s carbon footprint. And it can also lead to some decent PR for your business.

Locally Sourced Food is Often Healthier
When you buy from local farms, you’re more likely to get organic food products and products made without tons of artificial substances and chemicals than you would if you were to buy from large distributors. This often means that the food is more natural and healthy, allowing you to easily appeal to the growing base of health conscious consumers.