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16 Unbelievable, Edible Ways to Upcycle Food Scraps

16 Unbelievable, Edible Ways to Upcycle Food Scraps

Before you toss those food scraps on the compost pile (or in the trash bin), take a peek at all of the clever ways that they can be repurposed. From peels to cores, poultry to produce and everything in between, these 16 awesome, upcycled eats help you make the most out of your groceries. It’s a smart move that’s just as good for the Earth as it is for your wallet. Oh yeah, and they taste great too!

1. Apple Peels: You’ll love sipping on homemade apple peel bourbon as a spicy, warming alternative to the usual flavored vodka and “fiery” store-bought selections. The sweet, autumnal notes mean it’s just as good enjoyed neat or in a hot toddy. (via Food52)

2. Leftover Bones: Whip up a batch of brodo or this delicious creamy chicken, mushroom and green chile soup the next time you roast a chicken and pick it clean. (via Kitchen Sanctuary)