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8 Shades of Green Infrastructure

8 Shades of Green Infrastructure

There’s a huge amount of pressure on the natural resources of our planet, especially as populations grow and gravitate towards urban centers. Over half of the global population lives in cities and for this reason, cities are at the center of the global challenge to protect and preserve watersheds. When it comes to water infrastructure in cities, we often think “grey”: grey pipes, grey steel, grey water, grey waste treatment. As Kurt Pelzer and Laura Tam find, “[grey infrastructure] is no longer the only tool in the toolbox. Green infrastructure systems, harness natural processes….and extend beyond steward and flood control to include carbon sequestration, recreational amenities, habitat creation and beautification.” Sink it, Slow it, Reuse it, Move it: these are the 4 green stormwater management tools outlined by the San Francisco Urban Watershed Plan and described by SPUR with examples from all over the world.

Explore more about the 8 Shades of Infrastructure with SPUR

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