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Breeding a Sustainable Cropping System

Breeding a Sustainable Cropping System

Conventional wheat production knows all too well the struggles with soil erosion, nutrient depletion, and the costs associated with annual seeding and tillage. However, this system has been favored due to the high yielding production.  Perennial wheat production recently has gained incredible momentum for its potential in resolving the issues stemmed from annual wheat production. The Land Institute, a research team in natural systems agriculture, has presented an overview of the solutions to the obstacles of soil erosion and degradation encountered by annual wheat producers and  previous perennial wheat researchers, as well as considerations for management practices. Presented in the American Journal of Alternative Agriculture, in 2001, “Perennial Wheat: The Development of a Sustainable Cropping System for the U.S., Pacific Northwest” demonstrates  these solutions as tested and verified in six different perennial wheat crop locations  throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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