Chronic Disease Reversal

Chronic Disease Reversal

Anti-Inflammation nutrition is based on the concept that our food can alter the hormones(eicosonoids & resolvins) as well as the expression of our genes, especially those that control Inflammation Reversal of chronic disease to the fullest or at a level where you will need a low amount of medication.

Inflammation Reversal can be achieved by:1) Anti-Inflammatory diet2) Adequate amount of high quality Omega-3 fatty acids3) Adequate levels of Polyphenols

Application of all three, monitored by periodic blood test to check your Arachidonic acidlevels (AA/EPA) result in a powerful synergistic effect that controls cellular inflammation for a lifetime.

Insulin and Leptin resistance are the primary drivers of excess body fat and early development of chronic diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimers, hypertension, andstroke.

Insulin and Leptin resistance are primarily caused by Inflammatory foods, gene transcription factors are proteins in every cell that activate select portions of the DNA for expression. The key gene transcription factor that controls inflammation is nuclear factor Kappa B. This gene expression is significantly controlled by the food we eat.

Our genes cannot be changed, but their expression can. The expression of our gene is oftencontrolled by gene transcription factor that can be affected by both hormones and specific nutrients. The hormone Insulin is one such key moderator and so are Polyphenols and Omega-3 fatty acids.

The microbes in the gut are also essential in controlling inflammation. Adequate amounts of ferment able fiber ( ie Prebiotic) coupled with Omega-3 and Polyphenols helps tremendously.