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Climate Smart Agriculture - Building Resilience to Climate Change

Climate Smart Agriculture - Building Resilience to Climate Change

Agriculture must go through significant productivity improvements to meet the combined challenges of rising global population and climate modifications. Climate smart agriculture (CSA) is an approach for transforming and reorienting agriculture system to support food security under the realities of climate change. Due to global warming widespread changes in climatic conditions mainly rainfall and temperature threaten agricultural production and increase the vulnerability of farmer’s livelihoods. This technology can have the capability to reduced or eliminated addressing threats by improving the adaptive capacity of farmers as well as resilience and resource use efficiency in an agricultural production system.

Reasons for adopting CSA
As per FAO estimate, by the year 2050 world population will increase by one-third and food required for food security by 60%.

Agriculture has become a high-risk profession that farmers increasingly prefer to migrate. In India as per National sample survey organization 2005 estimate 60% like to leave farming.

This has a direct impact on the socio-economic process that encourages young individuals to crimes of extortion and dacoits which has spread over the 1/3rdof total district in which they are present.