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What is Do-Nothing Farming?

What is Do-Nothing Farming?

Korean natural farming, or "do-nothing" farming, is greatly influenced by Masanobu Fukuoka’s natural farming techniques. Fukuoka, author of One Straw Revolution is sometimes hailed as an "apostle" of natural farming, or "do-nothing farming". This biography explores Fukuoka’s life journey and how he came to his four principles of natural farming. His principles are no tilling or plowing, no chemical fertilizers or prepared compost, no weeding by tillage or herbicides, and no dependence on chemical pesticides. Fukuoka declared “nature is the true perfectionist,” and it can provide ample food for man best when left to its own, unhindered my man’s hubristic tampering. The once infertile deserts he transformed into luscious fields provide ample evidence for his methods, and have influenced many. 


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