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Farming is not Poverty, it is Fundamental for our Future

Farming is not Poverty, it is Fundamental for our Future

The Indigenous Terra Madre network and Slow Food addressed international representatives at IFAD Governing Council and Indigenous Peoples Forum.

The topic of the 42nd session of IFAD’s Governing Council, was rural innovation and entrepreneurship. On this, Dalí Nolasco Cruz, member of Slow Food Mexico and Advisory Board member of the Indigenous Terra Madre (ITM) network was invited to participate and she pointed out how “good, clean and fair” indigenous farmers are innovating to protect their lands and territories and to adapt to climate change: “the belief is that being a farmer is synonymous with poverty but it is not. We are now transforming that misconception because those people are playing an essential role in the future of humanity”.

Indigenous leaders, such as Dalí, are able to participate at the IFAD governing Council, and address Ministries of Agriculture and the Pope, thanks to a mechanism created by IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) in which indigenous leaders meet at the “Global Meeting of the Indigenous People’s Forum”, in Rome, debate and then propose global recommendations to IFAD and governments to take into account the holistic vision of Indigenous peoples.

This edition focused on the promotion of indigenous peoples’ (IPs) knowledge and innovation for climate resilience and sustainable development, providing an opportunity for indigenous peoples and IFAD staff to analyze and learn from previous experiences, and further strengthen their collaboration for rural transformation.