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Healthy Soil, Healthful Food

Healthy Soil, Healthful Food

The condition of our soil can be reflected in the nutrient value of our everyday foods. This fact led Maura Rendes of PCC Farmland Trust to investigate how industrial farming practices are affecting human health at a micro level. Conventional thinking has led farmers to replace lost soil fertility with artificial fertilizer. However, a lack of management of micronutrients in the soil along with the “dilution effect” from increasing crop yields has led to a depleted micronutrient profile in the crops.

In reflection of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s statement, “A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself” – Rendes points out – humans are responsible for the degradation of our planet’s agricultural land and, thus, it up to us to regenerate our soil.

Learn more about PCC Farmland Trust's commitment to ensuring farmland and soil protection

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