This heat could be here to stay - with an extra three degrees of warming by 2080

This heat could be here to stay - with an extra three degrees of warming by 2080

For those struggling to cope in the prolonged heatwave that is hitting the UK, official temperature forecasts for the coming decades might make tough reading.

The country saw its hottest day of the year on Monday, although this is set to be broken again with a high of 35ºc forecast by the end of the working week.

Met Office projections show that this weather is here to stay in the long term. Every region of the UK is forecast to see average summer temperatures rise by around three degrees over the next 60 years.

Some scenarios show that the South East could see them soar by as much as 8.1 degrees by the 2080s. This is on top of the one degree of warming that the UK has already seen since 1961.

By the 2080s, mean summer temperatures in South East England are forecast to be 6.5 higher compared to the 1961-90 average, according to the Met Office. By the 2020s, they will be 2.7 degrees higher, while the 2050s will be 4.6 degrees hotter.

Between the 2020s and 2080s, the region will likely see a further 3.8 degrees of warming (with a 90 per cent probability). All but two of the UK's regions - North Scotland and Northern Ireland - are projected to see the average summer temperature increase by over three degrees over this time.

This is under a medium emissions scenario - but if emissions stay high, the forecast predicts that average temperatures will actually increase by 8.1 degrees in South East England.