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High Costs, Headaches And Hidden Money Pits Of Healthcare Combated By Blockchain

High Costs, Headaches And Hidden Money Pits Of Healthcare Combated By Blockchain

Few things in life are less empowering than being ill. Not only is there physical discomfort, but there is the unsettling uncertainty of if, when or how we will get well. Thankfully, it is less and less a question of whether a treatment or specialist for the condition exists. Advanced, specialized medical centers are available across the United States and internationally. Pharmaceuticals cover a wide spectrum of illnesses, and new ones are constantly being developed. Alternative treatments are rising in popularity and prevalence, as well. In short, if a person is unwell, there are generally several avenues to pursue for treatment.

The questions keeping sick people up at night now revolve around the following:

Will I be able to afford the care I need?” and “Will I receive treatment in a timely manner?”

These are the disheartening themes of many healthcare conversations. Incredibly high costs and inefficient processes pose often insurmountable barriers between a sick person and wellness. While we shouldn’t expect getting well to be effortless, it certainly shouldn’t be so tedious or inaccessible that we become discouraged. It’s stressful enough being ill to begin with.

Though advancements continue to be made in medical research and technology, the healthcare system itself has proven to be an impediment to wellness. This is especially true in the U.S., where healthcare costs run unchecked and simple tasks get bogged down by outmoded administrative processes. Furthermore, despite that keeping patients healthy is in the best interest of insurance companies, providers, and employers, they fail to work together to actually promote wellness and prevent illness.