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How to Build a Hoop House

How to Build a Hoop House

If you dread the cold winter frost, never fear: You can extend your growing season without too much muss and fuss. Sometimes called a hoop tunnel, a plastic hoop house insulates your plants and keeps frost at bay.

And you don't have to be an engineer to build one!

There are a few ways to build a hoop house. Possibly the easiest is to place metal stakes into the ground and slide six-foot sections of PVC pipe over the plants, creating an arch effect. Then, simply stretch plastic over the hoops and you’ll protect your plants from freezing temperatures and frost. You won’t need to pre-train or harden them off because plants will have grown accustomed to colder outside temperatures during the fall season. The hoop house also warms the soil for spring seedlings and protects sensitive plants during the cold season.