How to provide a healthy workplace for employees

How to provide a healthy workplace for employees

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Providing a healthy workplace could help up your employee's morale.

Program coordinator Makenzie Ellsworth, with St. Luke's, said there are many ways a business owner can provide a healthy workplace for employees.

One of those including giving healthy foods and snacks around the office, especially putting these foods in high traffic areas.

The behaviors of workers can be better if they make healthy choices and if they are in an environment that's supportive.

"Another way employers can implement healthy environments is by creating an environment on well-being champions because they can really create a culture of health within each department and really kind of be the ones on the ground and motivating their coworkers to choose a healthy choice over an unhealthy choice," she explained.

Also, keeping an open work environment can help employees as well, making sure that they feel comfortable voicing their concerns and not afraid to ask an employer what they need without fear of retaliation.