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How to Stop Snails and Slugs From Attacking Your Garden

How to Stop Snails and Slugs From Attacking Your Garden

Snails and slugs that attack, eating away our home gardens are not our best friends. The snail’s file-like tongue and large appetite make destroying our flowers, corn, beans and strawberries a breeze. These critters leave unsightly huge holes in the leaves that will ultimately kill our plants.

If you have snails in your garden they are most likely Helix aspersa, more commonly known as the brown garden snail. The brown garden snail can be identified by their round brown shell and gray body. Luckily, there are a few natural and environmentally sound ways to stand your ground in your garden against these pests. Check out the link below for the best ways to combat snails and slugs, so your garden can continue to flourish.

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