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How You Can Share Excess Food

How You Can Share Excess Food

Komal Ahmad has her own Road of Damascus Moment: when she was working by her school, University of California at Berkeley, a homeless man approached her asking for money for food. Instead of giving the man money, she invited him to lunch where he shared his story.

Ahmad’s experience with this man inspired her to set up a program at UC Berkeley, that allowed the dining halls to donate excess food to local homeless shelters. In about 3 years, the program expanded to 140 college campuses across the U.S. and is known as Feeding Forward.

Feeding Forward can be found on a website and mobile app, where businesses with a surplus of food are matched with nearby homeless shelters. Companies simply provide details of their donations, and a driver on behalf of Feeding Forward will pick up and deliver the food to nearby food banks.

Second to paper, food scraps are the nation’s largest source of waste, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Feeding Forward, with its mobile app technology, connects the dots in our food system between food waste and feeding the homeless. What can we do to minimize food waste in our daily lives? What can we do to help those who are food insecure in our area? To learn more about Ahmad’s story, visit the link below.

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