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Mobilizing the Dream for a Resilient and Stable Food System

Mobilizing the Dream for a Resilient and Stable Food System

Author Eric Toensmeier dreams of a resilient and stable future, and sees this coming to fruition with the development of perennial grains, including corn, rice, rye, and other more culturally specific grains, such as nipa. In his book, Toensmeier encourages mobilizing support for development and production of perennial crop systems. The book will soon be published thanks to support from Kickstarter. Toensmeier urges: "Imagine corn, wheat, or rice that comes back every year without saving seed, tilling, or replanting. Such crops could have a tremendous impact in restoring degraded farmland, rebuilding soil, and sequestering carbon while providing humanity with the staff of life."

Read an excerpt from his upcoming book "Carbon Farming: A Global Toolkit for Stabilizing the Climate with Tree Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practice."

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